you're a fiction of my affection ❧.

i am patrick, a twenty-two year old gay roleplayer, orger, fiction writer, intense stan of any number of attractive menfolk who consistently change, fanboy for various shows, movies, books, and things, and generally strange person from minneapolis, minnesota. i'm shit at describing myself (clearly). i'm an ambiverted enfp, if that makes any sense to you. my blog is terrible and i mostly just reblog hot guys and humor posts, talk to my friends, and ramble about roleplaying, so follow at your own risk. i usually manage to avoid posting porn, though.

disclaimer: none of the gifs i use are mine; if you see a gif you've made and wish for me to remove it, i will.

currently watching teen wolf, survivor, and rupaul's drag race

previously holtoncaynes and shanieldarmans.

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